Gentle Vets Pet Hospital is happy to be providing Puppy Kindergarten Classes. A properly socialized dog is a delight to live with. The problem with dogs that have not had proper socialization is the leading cause of death in dogs today – euthanasia due to aggressive behavior. This is really unfortunate since almost EVERY puppy can be properly socialized.

However, it is essential that this socialization takes place before 16 weeks – during a puppy’s impressionable period. Drs. Edhlund and their staff have extensive experience in behavior modification in dogs, having worked for years with Dr. Rolan Tripp, founder of Animal Behavior net. ( ). These classes are held each Tuesday evening between 6 and 7PM. These classes are absolutely free to our patients as we want you to have a delightful life with your dog. Puppy kindergarten is a great way for puppies to learn proper social behavior in a safe environment. All puppies attending class will be under Gentle Vets veterinary puppy care so we will know that they are healthy.

Puppy kindergarten is much like people kindergarten. Puppies and people are brought together to meet each other. Good behavior is rewarded while aggressive behavior results in reprimands – usually simple time-outs. We also will train techniques to pets and their families for simple behavior like sit and down and no-bite. After an hour of guided play time everyone goes home with a smile on their face. As everyone who has brought a puppy to Gentle Vets knows, we go to extensive lengths to make sure you puppy grows up mentally as well as physically healthy!

For those who have a dog which did not get proper training as a puppy, we offer further behavioral assistance. Dr. Joe’s calming presence has made many a person call him “the dog whisperer.” His calm and assuring attitude with aggressive dogs has brought many a highly aggressive dog to become his buddy – often in a matter of an hour or two. We work closely with Dr. Tripp and local trainers on problem behaviors of many kinds – but we sure prefer to correct the issue before it becomes a problem. If you have a new puppy or know someone who does, make sure you get them to puppy kindergarten to get them a great start on life!