At Gentle Vets Advanced Care we want to provide human level medical care for the 4-legged members of your family. After all people are pets too – or did I get that backwards? Pets are People too! We understand that your pet is a full fledged member of the family and deserves that kind of care. To that end we have equipped Advanced Care with the most comprehensive set of veterinary diagnostic equipment available in Hawaii. Long ago we equipped the hospital with a very high quality ultrasound machine and invested in the training necessary to make diagnoses with it. We have been equipped from our opening with “basics” such as comprehensive in-house blood chemistry and blood count machines. We have blood clotting machines, EKGs, digital X-ray and more. We then added multiple rigid and flexible endoscopes to be able to look at your pet from the inside out. In order to study conditions in which motion is important such as many vomiting problems we added Hawaii’s only veterinary dedicated fluoroscope. We have equipped our ophthalmology department with operating microscopes, slit lamp biomicroscope and tono-pen for determining intra-ocular pressure.We have held no bars in obtaining the best equipment and training available to help diagnose your pet’s problem. In addition to this in-house equipment we work with specialists literally around the globe, including the mainland, Australia, Japan, Korea and England.

The crowning jewel of our diagnostic equipment is our 64 slice Seimens Somatom Sensation Cardiac CT (CAT) scanner. This million dollar machine is rivaled (not surpassed) in only 4 veterinary colleges and 2 private clinics in the United States including the best private hospital in the world – Animal Medical center in New York City. The images the machine has begun to provide have only started to enthuse us. The machine is available for referral by all veterinarians and pet owners in Hawaii on a 24-7 basis. Because a 64 slice machine is roughly 64 times faster than a single slice machine the images are typically acquired in a matter of less than 10 seconds (10 minutes with a single slice machine) therefore requiring no general anesthesia. We can then manipulate the pictures and look anywhere inside your pet. We can highlight bones, kidneys, lungs, heart, blood vessels, brain, spinal cord or basically any part of your pet. The ultra-speed of the machine allows us to perform cardiac vascular studies which are impossible with smaller machines. We can use the computer to switch from one place to another and look at conditions in full 3-D. CT is the ultimate tool for detecting if cancer has spread in your pet. This allows us to provide the safest, kindest most efficacious cancer therapies possible. Surgery may be avoided.

We can detect spinal diseases and localize the condition allowing for optimal spinal surgery. There is no more efficient method to look inside your pet’s head at his brain, nose or inner ears. Best of all, this equipment is all available on a moment’s notice to all in Hawaii. No longer do you have to wait days to sneak into a human imaging center. If you are looking for the ultimate diagnostics, Advanced Veterinary Imaging of Hawaii has it. And we are prepared to either send your pet back to your regular veterinarian or carry on with extensive care at Gentle Vets.

In contrast to a typical visit to a human ER, if your pet comes to Gentle Vets Advanced Care it is not unusual for us to have comprehensive blood counts, blood chemistries, abdominal ultrasound and full body radiography and now even whole body CT completed in under 30 minutes. No longer do you need to wait days for blood results to come back and then wait more days for referrals to specialists. We can usually obtain a solid diagnosis of your pet’s problems in less than an hour. Not only that, Gentle Vets is staffed by several, very experienced and competent surgeons, some of whom are Board Certified, ready to provide any necessary emergency surgery. Or, if you prefer, you can bring the diagnostic images back to your regular veterinarian for follow on surgery or care.

Advanced Veterinary Imaging was built with one goal in mind: Optimal Care for Your Pet! If you want the very best, ask your veterinarian for a referral to Gentle Vets Advanced Veterinary Imaging.