honolulu veterinariansFounding veterinarians Joseph and Mariel Edhlund at Gentle Vets work hard to make Gentle Vets Advanced Care the most advanced state of the art veterinary hospital in Hawaii. We have equipped the hospital with the best and latest equipment and strive to provide the best expertise in the world, let alone Hawaii. Our Seimens 64 slice CT scanner is rivaled, but not surpassed, in only 4 of the 28 US veterinary schools in the US. Our equipment list of CT scanner, digital radiology, fluoroscopy, surgery suite with laminar flow HEPA filtered air supply, Leica Wild 690 operating microscope, extensive orthopedic and soft tissue surgery instrumentation, ultrasound, endoscopy and arthroscopy equipment is unequaled in Hawaii.

In search of excellence we have partnered with Southern California Veterinary Specialists and now offer advanced surgery including total hip replacement in our Honolulu veterinary hospital as well as advanced heart surgery and other soft tissue and cancer surgery at Advanced Care by Board Certified veterinarians as primary surgeons or consultants to our primary surgeons. In addition we have developed a close working relationship withe the team of SCVSH.

Honolulu is the capital and largest city of the U.S. state of Hawaii. It is an unincorporated part of and the county seat of the City and County of Honolulu on the island of O’ahu. The city is the main gateway to Hawai’i and a major portal into the United States. The city is also a major hub for international business, military defense, as well as famously being host to a diverse variety of east-west and Pacific culture, cuisine, and traditions.

Honolulu is the most remote city of its size in the world and is the westernmost major U.S. city. For statistical purposes, the U.S. Census Bureau recognizes the approximate area commonly referred to as “City of Honolulu” (not to be confused with the “City and County”) as a census county division (CCD). Honolulu is a major financial center of the islands and of the Pacific Ocean. The population of the Honolulu census designated place (CDP) was 359,870 as of the 2017 population estimate. while the Honolulu CCD was 390,738 and the population of the consolidated city and county was 953,207.