Founding veterinarians Joseph and Mariel Edhlund at Gentle Vets work hard to make Gentle Vets Advanced Care the most advanced state of the art veterinary hospital in Hawaii. We have equipped the hospital with the best and latest equipment and strive to provide the best expertise in the world, let alone Hawaii. Our Seimens 64 slice CT scanner is rivaled, but not surpassed, in only 4 of the 28 US veterinary schools in the US. Our equipment list of CT scanner, digital radiology, fluoroscopy, surgery suite with laminar flow HEPA filtered air supply, Leica Wild 690 operating microscope, extensive orthopedic and soft tissue surgery instrumentation, ultrasound, endoscopy and arthroscopy equipment is unequaled in Hawaii.In search of excellence we have partnered with Southern California Veterinary Specialists and now offer advanced surgery including total hip replacement as well as advanced heart surgery and other soft tissue and cancer surgery at Advanced Care by Board Certified veterinarians as primary surgeons or consultants to our primary surgeons. In addition we have developed a close working relationship withe the team of SCVSH.


Tom Walker, DVM Walker
Diplomate American College of Veterinary Surgeons
DVM: Texas A & M University, 1974
Internship: Auburn University, 1975 – 77
Residency: University of Tennessee, 1978 – 81

Dr. Walker graduated from Texas A&M University summa cum laude in 1974. He completed his neurology residency at Auburn University and then his surgery residency at the University of Tennessee where he remained as Associate Professor of Surgery until 1987. An esteemed educator, Dr. Walker has lectured at numerous American and European Universities, national and international meetings including a formal address to the World Congress of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. As a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, Dr. Walker served as Head of the College’s Examination Committee, and was Chairman and educator at the Forum for the Orthopedic and Neurology sections of the College of Surgeons for ten years. Cambridge University in Cambridge, England welcomed Dr. Walker for a teaching sabbatical from 1987-1988. His contributions to education have garnered teaching awards to every level. With numerous contributions to journals, papers, proceedings as well as chapters in textbooks on veterinary orthopedics and neurology.

Armed with keen sensibilities for veterinary diagnostic and surgical advancement, Dr. Walker worked with Dr. Barclay Slocum in the development of the TPLO procedure for cruciate repair. And continues as one of the foremost surgeons to progressively incorporate minimal invasive surgical techniques, stem cell technologies and laser technologies.

Although there has been no requirement until recently in Hawaii for obtaining continuing veterinary education, the founding veterinarians at Gentle Vets typically obtain hundreds of hours of continuing veterinary medical education annually. This is obtained by both in-house seminars where veterinary experts are brought in, and by attending specialized veterinary seminars in the US and around the world. In 2011 veterinary dental and ultrasound specialists Dr. Jean Hawkins and Dr. Paul Brazell were brought in from the US and Canada for days of intensive learning. In addition the veterinarians attended the Western Veterinary Conference, the meeting of the Association of Emergency and Critical Care Society of which Dr. Mariel Edhlund is a member and the Central Veterinary Conference in San Diego. In 2012 our doctors attended the Biomedtrix total hip and knee replacement course at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, the Western Veterinary Conference, the 2013 and 2014 Conferences of the European College Of Veterinary Ophthalmogists, the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists, the HVMA, the 2013 and 2014 American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists, the 2013 and 2014 World Small Animal Veterinary Conferences. several American College Of Veterinary Surgeons conferences, the 2012, 2013 1nd 2014 Australian College of Veterinary Scientists meetings as well as externing at Advanced Veterinary care in Melbourne Australia under the guidance of Dr. Sam Snelling, President of the Australian Board of Veterinary Surgeons. Dr. Joseph Edhlund is also working on his Master’s degree in Public Health with a special focus on infectious diseases. In 2013 our veterinarians have attended the Western Veterinary Conference, and the World Small Animal Veterinary Conference and have hosted Professor Jonathon Dyce, head of veterinary surgery at Ohio State University for total hip replacements at our new Advanced Care facility.


Gentle Vets also enhances the educational development by mentoring pre-veterinary students enrolled at the University of Hawaii through both volunteer and paid positions at the hospital.

A few of the highlights of our specialized veterinary procedures:

  • TPLO Cruciate ligament repair
  • Total Hip Replacements
  • Tracheal stent placement for dogs with collapsing tracheas
  • Pericardectomy (removal of the sac around the heart) for correction of cardiac tamponade
  • Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (Bloat) correction in many patients
  • Cancer therapy in many patients
  • Halter Monitoring for detection of cardiac dysrhythmias

We love answers! To that end, Gentle Vets has continually expanded our equipment and abilities. We are delighted to have acquired a Seimens Somatom Sensation 64 slice CT scanner. This machine is so advanced that few veterinary colleges have one. This machine allows unrivaled visualization of the entire body from the nose to the pelvis. The 3-D reconstructions are absolutely amazing in letting us look inside your pet. CT is considered the Gold Standard of diagnostic tools in human medicine and we enjoy using these advances in veterinary medicine.


The image quality is striking and will bring our medical and surgical abilities to an entirely new plane. The machine is also available for use by other veterinarians in Hawaii.

In addition to our new CT scanner, Gentle Vets Advanced Care has acquired the only fluoroscope currently dedicated to veterinary use in Hawaii. This is a video X-ray machine which allows excellent visualization of problems where motility must be analyzed such as collapsing trachea or mega-esophagus which causes regurgitation, some spinal conditions where dynamic studies are essential and can enhance orthopedic surgery by intra-operative imaging allowing accurate placement of prostheses.

As we perform both ophthalmic and neurosurgery procedures, magnification is essential. Some of the sutures used in eye surgery are no thicker than a white blood cell or about 1/6 the thickness of average human hair. The sutures are literally invisible to most naked eyes. For these procedures we use our Leica Wild 690 Operating microscope. This exceptional machine allows two surgeons to work as well as additional observers through the video camera. Through the use of foot operated zoom, focus and XY control, the surgeons are free to make the most minute of surgical motions with their hands and fingers.

Leica M690 Surgical Microscope

Gentle Vets also offers in-house endoscopy and ultrasound. Our MyLab 30 is a top of the line state of the art Ultrasound and offers an excellent sonic look inside your pet. With extensive experience this machine allows a quick look through your pet’s abdominal organs.


In addition to CT, Ultrasound, Fluoroscopy and Digital X-Ray which allow us to look from the outside in, we have several different flexible and rigid endoscopes to allow us to  look from the inside, whether down the nose or trachea or into the stomach and intestine or into the abdomen or thorax. Endoscopy offers the potential to avoid surgery when your pet has swallowed something s/he should not have swallowed by allowing us to retrieve the objects. We have recently removed coins and fish hooks from stomachs with no surgical incisions.