Pet Emergencies are very common. Our pets can’t tell us where or how bad they hurt or feel. Therefore it is very difficult for a pet owner to know when their pet has an emergency or when it may be a minor disturbance. It is always better to play it safe and have your pet seen if you suspect a problem. We are available 24/7* for Emergency Care of your pet if needed. If your pet seems distressed, is vomiting, or just isn’t acting right, it is better to be safe and give us a call. Many times the problem may be minor, but there are times it could be deadly serious. We strongly encourage all pets to be on Wellness Plans so we have a running knowledge of your pet’s health. With these plans your routine office calls are free so we get to know your pet well. Then when you think you may have a problem we know your pet already. These Wellness Plans also offer significant discounts on Emergency Care.
A few common emergencies are:

    • Toxins – especially snail bait or antifreeze – even a little bit is an immediate care emergency
    • Toad Poisoning – wash your pet’s mouth before calling and then call us immediately after. Toads are deadly and your dog should always be seen!
    • Bloat – If your dog seems bloated it is a critical emergency. Don’t wait a minute to call!



    • Dog bites – are ALWAYS worse than they look. The tooth makes a tiny puncture and then tears the tissues beneath, leaving only a tiny hole. Waiting until tomorrow will usually make things much worse as infection will set in overnight.These pictures are of the same wound
  • Cats that are straining in the litter box. They may have urethral blockage and become uremic and die.
  • Any dog straining to urinate may have urethral blockage and should be seen.
  • Car accidents – anytime a pet is hit by a car he should be brought in immediately, even if he initially got up and ran away




  • Chocolate – usually not deadly but give us a call. We will determine whether it is an emergency


  • Facial Swelling – may be caused by centipede or insects bites. These should be treated immediately.
  • Pain, when sudden, severe, and unexpected may indicate serious problems
  • Vomiting. Once is probably not an emergency but multiple times is a bad sign and the pet should be seen
  • Labored breathing -especially in older pets. This may indicate heart failure or other serious problems.
  • Seizures can be deadly, especially if they don’t stop. Usually a single seizure is not cause for great alarm but repetitive or continuous seizures are emergencies
  • Severe diarrhea – especially if bloody is an emergency
  • Collapse is always an emergency
  • Fishhooks need to be removed. If there is line attached DO NOT CUT THE LINE
  • Whitish gums in the mouth is an emergency
  • Bruising around the body is an emergency

Any time you are concerned, give us a call. We are almost always minutes away from the clinic and ready to see your pet.

  • *(We do not have emergency coverage while off island for continuing education or other meetings but you will be referred to the nearest hospital providing emergency care).