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Your Pet’s health is our number one priority. We recommend regular physical examinations at least twice a year and maybe more depending on their health needs. Here at Gentle Vets, our name is our motto, for we make every visit as pleasant as possible. Dr. Joseph Edhlund is well known for “gentling” nervous animals and making them comfortable during every visit. Dr. Mariel Edhlund has an incredible empathy with all animals and instantly brings them ease.


Prime years of your pet! We recommend all pets to be examined twice annually by your veterinarian. Examinations are critical to help us detect any problems at an early stage for this is the best time to treat – before problems become serious! Unfortunately our pets lives are already far too short. Every extra year we can offer them is a big bonus for them and us.

Our pets age seven times as fast as we do—and they cannot verbally tell us what the problem is or where it hurts.

Examinations, depending on you pet’s age, activity, and breed might include different tests, ie heartworm check, tick borne disease exam, booster vaccines, blood counts, blood chemistries, radiographs, electrocardiograms and ultrasound examinations. These visits are also the best time for you to ask us any question regarding your pets health, diet or behavior! We are here to answer your questions.

OPTIMUM WELLNESS PLANS: We have even made obtaining this premium level of care very affordable with our Optimum Wellness Plans. These plans allow us to proceed with your pet’s health care as we proceed with our own pet’s – where cost never enters our mind. Yet with these plans the savings you receive amount to more than 50% and allow us to provide premium care at a modest monthly premium. We are happy because we can work without our hands tied thinking of your budget. You are happy because the best care becomes extremely affordable. Your pet is happy because he receives the best possible health care which will give him the longest happiest healthiest life possible. Call today and get your pet enrolled for a longer life!



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